Tailored support for managing volunteers in your organisation. Provided by experienced and qualified consultants


Attend Academy has undertaken a number of consultancy and research projects on behalf of local and national charities. These include projects in volunteer development, inclusion and leadership. We have associates across the UK who can support an organisation’s needs.

Supporting other organisations

The aim is to develop a strategy and supporting plans to provide tailored support to help local organisations engage and manage volunteers. Different volunteering contexts and cultures will be considered, and the on-site visit will be followed with a report and on-going support.

Managing volunteers for line managers

This 1-day session is designed to help managers understand how volunteer management relates to their role and establish how they can appropriately engage volunteers in their specific situation.

The discussions will help managers develop suitable ways of supporting volunteers in their roles, recognising their contribution and managing any volunteering-related problems.

For managers with responsibility for volunteers as part of their role

Core topics to be covered are:

  • The wider context for volunteering and how this relates to managers’ roles
  • Identifying why volunteers may wish to engage with their organisation
  • Identifying what would indicate success for their volunteering engagement
  • Establish the extent of their own role in managing volunteers

A selection of topics can also be covered, depending on the preference of the client:

  • The different approaches and methods to engaging volunteers
  • The principles of volunteer role design
  • Encourage volunteers to decide whether the role(s) is/are for them
  • Matching volunteers to roles within their project Design a suitable volunteer induction programme
  • Supporting volunteers in their activities
  • Reviewing progress with volunteers
  • Recognising volunteering contributions
  • Managing volunteering-related problems



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