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A comprehensive catalogue of volunteer management resources and good practice guides, sourced from volunteer management websites from around the world.


The papers and guides have been placed into relevant categories (see below), which correspond with the ‘lifecycle’ of a volunteer placement; from planning for a volunteer programme, the various stages of the recruitment process, effective management of volunteers involved, through to ‘exit strategies’.

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Hold on to what you’ve got: the volunteer retention literature

This article is based on a review of research-based literature, carried out to identify that influence an individual’s decision to continue volunteering and to look at the aspects of policy and practice that may affect them. A substantial segment of the article is dedicated to “personal factors and life events” that may contribute to a volunteer leaving or continuing.

Author: Micheal Locke, Angela Ellis and Justin Davis Smith, 2003
Publisher: British Library

Tips for Involving Volunteers

Guidance on planning for volunteer involvement. Focuses on why and how to involve volunteers, who has what responsibilities and at what cost.

Author: Volunteering Australia, 2005
Publisher: Yumpu

Planning a Volunteer Position

Worksheet that assists in deciding what types of volunteers could be of assistance. Covers potential task areas and assessing managerial readiness.

Author: Energize Inc., 2018
Publisher: WordPress

The Executive Role in Volunteer Program Success

A summary by Volunteering England of Susan Ellis’ key points to ensure volunteer involvement is clearly thought out and has top management support.

Author: Susan J Ellis in Volunteering England, 1996
Publisher: Philadelphia: Energize, Inc.

Developing and Managing Volunteers

A comprehensive course outline. Pages 3.4 -3.6 (pages 39-41 on the pdf) highlights the steps involved in planning a volunteer programme and volunteer roles.

Author: Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2005
Publisher: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Writing a Volunteer Strategy

First two sections highlight the need to ask why volunteers need to be involved and who should be consulted in this, including staff, client and funders.

Author: NCVO, 2021
Publisher: NCVO

Volunteering in Emergencies

Pages 14-22 – covers critical elements of volunteer resource planning in emergency situations.

Author: Volunteering Red Cross
Publisher: Volunteering Red Cross

How to write volunteer role descriptions

This short article delves into writing a role description, also providing a few examples of task/role descriptions and where they were used.

Author: Zurich Marketing, 2018
Publisher: Zurich

Managing for success: volunteers’ views on involvement and success

This report provides the outcomes of a survey designed to explore the ways in which volunteers are supported and managed, and their reflections on these interventions.

Author: Joanna Machin and Angela Ellis Paine, 2008
Publisher: British Library

Designing Volunteer Roles and Position Descriptions

Outlines key principle of designing volunteer roles. Includes consulting paid staff, clients and funders, and outlines the structure of a role description.

Author: Volunteering Australia, 2007
Publisher: Volunteering Australia

Designing Volunteer Role Descriptions

Covers how volunteer roles can be defined and how they are different to paid roles. Includes, mission and values, duties, qualities required, who are internal and external customers, responsibilities etc. Provides volunteer role description templates.

Author: Volunteer Ireland
Publisher: Volunteer Ireland

Volunteer Recruitment Plan Template: The Complete Guide for Your Nonprofit

An article which summarises general recruitment issues and has a useful generic template for a volunteer role description and volunteer specification.

Author: Tobi Johnson, 2022
Publisher: VolunteerPro

Developing and Managing Volunteers

A comprehensive course outline by FEMA. Page 3.8 on the pdf – Designing volunteer role descriptions (from McCurley & Vineyard).

Author: FEMA,2006
Publisher: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Designing Volunteer Roles

Covers how task analysis relates to skills, knowledge and experience required, and who should be involved in the process of role design and at what stage.

Author: The Ayrshire Community Trust, 2014
Publisher: The Ayrshire Community Trust

Designing Job Descriptions for Volunteers

Outlines how need for volunteer placements can be explored by conducting ‘support task audit’. Provides suggested structure for role description and checklist.

Author: Australian Institute of Community Practice and Governance, 2002
Publisher: Australian Institute of Community Practice and Governance

Creative Volunteer Roles

Examples that highlight how volunteer roles can be created from the specific needs of a volunteer programme.

Author: Susan J Ellis, 1993
Publisher: The Non-Profit Times

Volunteer recruitment policy.

An example volunteer recruitment policy. They have added the stages of recruitment involving advertising all the way through to post-recruitment mentoring.

Author: Charities Regulator
Publisher: Charities Regulator

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Volunteer Recruitment Plan

A short and simple article to help build your own media strategy focusing on volunteer recruitment.

Author: Tobi Johnson, 2020
Publisher: VolunteerPro

Where should we place our volunteer ads?

A list of ideas for the positioning of volunteer recruitment adverts online.

Author: Girlguiding
Publisher: Girlguiding

What young people want from volunteering

Researches what young people want from volunteering, Highlights need to market volunteering effectively to young audiences, and suggests strategies for change.

Author: Katharine Gaskin, 1998
Publisher: Institute for Volunteering Research

Guide to Volunteer Recruitment

Broad coverage of the systematic recruitment process, from volunteer resource planning, through job design, to recruitment strategies.

Author: qgiv.com
Publisher: qgiv.com

How to Create a Volunteer Recruitment Plan: 5 Strategies

This article discusses the process of developing a recruitment plan, methods of recruitment and offers tips for recruiting.

Author: Boomerang
Publisher: Bloomerang

Volunteer Ideas Based on the Myers/Briggs Temperament

Visit this page for ideas, suggestions and hints to build volunteer recruitment capacity.

Author: Maria Walley
Publisher: Grotto Network

The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting Volunteers

Highlights key areas to avoid when recruiting volunteers. Useful to run through in the light of your current recruitment strategies.

Author: Thomas W McKee, 2005
Publisher: Federation of American Women’s Club Overseas

How to Recruit Volunteers from Start to Finish

Outlines how to prepare for recruiting volunteers. Considers volunteering motives. Outlines pros and cons of various recruitment methods; Considers diversity.

Author: Tatiana Morand, 2019
Publisher: Wild Apricot

Volunteer Recruitment Strategies

Describes different volunteer recruitment strategies. Discusses how existing volunteers can recruit others. Key qualities of effective recruiters are those that are active, passionate and can communicate.

Author: Alice Turnbull, 2021
Publisher: Rostefy

How Do We Get the Younger Generation to Volunteer

Looks at the nature of younger volunteers and challenges this brings to the volunteering organisation. Considers impatience, adaptability and multi-tasking in particular.

Author: Sayana Azmailova, 2021
Publisher: Wild Apricot

Getting to Yes – Strategies for Volunteer Recruitment

Strategic tips to encourage people to volunteer.

Author: Valerie Brown, 2003
Publisher: AmericanBar

How to manage volunteer applications and interviews

Looks at how initial enquiries are handled, application forms and interviews. Highlights how to make the application process fair and accessible.

Author: NCVO, 2023
Publisher: NCVO

Some Ideas for Motivating Students

Gives some tips on how to increase students desire to work or volunteer.

Author: Robert Harris, 1991
Publisher: Dokumen

Volunteer Labour Laws

An article giving information regarding the laws that protect volunteers in their role. It provides information regarding discrimination, compensation, child labour laws and considerations.

Author: LawWorks
Publisher: LawWorks

When is a volunteer an employee?

This is guidance material not be used as a substitute for professional advice detailing how to draw a volunteer contract, as to stipulate its a volunteer role and not moving into an employee role.

Author: Warner Godman Employment Team, 2022
Publisher: Warner Godman

Rights and responsibilities

A summary from Volunteering Australia of the rights and responsibilities of volunteers.

Author: Volunteering SA&NT
Publisher: Volunteering SA&NT

Equal Opportunities

A document regarding equal opportunities in the selection of employees. A useful resource for organisations seeking to ensure they treat volunteers according to these principles, even though volunteers are not covered by the 2010 Equality Act.

Author: EOC
Publisher: EOC

Volunteer data protection policy statement

 A short document revealing how organisations that involve volunteers can comply with the UK General Data Protection
Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act of 2018.

Author: Resource Centre, 2021
Publisher: Resource Centre

Volunteer record and data protection

An informative article regarding volunteer records and data protection. This article highlights the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Author: NCVO, 2022
Publisher: NCVO

Volunteers and the Law

A research document outlining the central issue of whether or not there is a contract between the organisation and its volunteers; and if so what the consequences of this are.

Author: Mark Restall, 2005
Publisher: PlantNetwork

Involving Ex-offenders in volunteering

A guide to involving volunteers who are Ex-offenders

Author: VE / Nacro, 2006
Publisher: Lancaster Green Spaces

Homeless people and volunteering

Whilst there are explicit government guidelines concerning the inclusion of disabled and refugees in to the voluntary sector to build inclusiveness, this is the first that concentrates on the homeless, and how to accomadate them into the voluntary sector.

Author: Kate Bowgett, 2006
Publisher: British Library

Working with volunteers : A management guide for refugee community organisations

A management guide for refugee community organisations.

Author: K. Bowgett & L.Gillett, 2006
Publisher: Evelyn Oldfield Unit

Volunteering, Asylum & Health

Outlines benefits to involving asylum-seekers in volunteering to employers and volunteers. Summarise current research, barriers and routes into volunteering.

Author: Steven Howlett, 2005
Publisher: Slide Player

A part of society: Refugees and asylum seekers volunteering in the UK

A report based on case studies of ten organisations

Author: Tandem Communications & Research Ltd, 2006
Publisher: Tandem Communications & Research Ltd

Volunteering for Mental Health

Explores the experience of volunteering from those with experience of mental ill health. Covers benefits, barriers and support & training given. PDF version at the bottom of the page.

Author: National Centre for Volunteering, 2003
Publisher: British Library

The Scope of the Volunteering for People with Mental Health Problems

Summary of research into impact of volunteering for those with mental health problems. Recommends action points for the sector and volunteer managers.

Author: Teresa Lewis, 2005
Publisher: MindMeister

Accommodations for online volunteers who have learning disabilities or emotional and anxiety disorde

Suggestions for working with volunteers with learning disabilities, emotional/anxiety disorders. Advice aimed at ‘virtual’ volunteering but the principles are transferable.

Author: ServiceLeader.org: Virtual Volunteering, 2004
Publisher: MindMeister

The Giving & Volunteering of New Canadians

2-page leaflet that outlines the role of new Canadians in volunteering. It covers the amount of volunteering and charitable giving of new Canadians.

Author: Larry Mckeown, 2018
Publisher: Canadian Knowledge Hub for Giving and Volunteering

Opportunities for all

Findings of ‘The Resource Group For Supported Volunteering’ (R.G.S.V.). Includes developing program to support agencies wishing to offer volunteer opportunities.

Author: Linda L. Graff, 1998
Publisher: Graff and Associates

From Barriers to Bridges

Explores perceived barriers in volunteering from the wider community. Suggests how to keep volunteers and on the structure and running of a volunteering organisation.

Author: National Centre for Volunteering, 2001
Publisher: Housing Care

Inclusive Volunteering: Recommendations for volunteer coordinators on how to develop a more inclusive volunteer programme

A volunteering guide for involving people with hearing impairments, people with visual impairments, people with physical disabilities, people with mental health difficulties older people, migrants, long term unemployed people, ex-prisoners and people affected by homelessness.

Author: Volunteer Ireland
Publisher: Volunteer Ireland

Diversity & Volunteerism: Deriving Advantage from Difference

Discusses the concepts involved in managing diversity and unpacks these in a volunteering context.

Author: Santiago Rodriguez, 2000
Publisher: The Journal Of Volunteer Administration

Recruiting Male Volunteers

Research guide: Considers how male volunteers can benefit volunteer programmes. Discusses challenges faced re. recruitment and strategies to overcome these.

Author: Stephanie T. Blackman, 1999
Publisher: Corporation for National Service

Putting the ‘men’ back into mentoring

Reasons why men may not want to volunteer and strategies for getting them involved. Also refers to related tips from other mentoring programmes.

Author: Michael Garringer, 2004
Publisher: Education North West

Stronger Together: Recruiting and working with ethno-cultural Volunteers

 Value BME people bring to volunteer programmes. Avoid issue of ‘token’ minority volunteers. Also, may not want to volunteer within own cultural community organisations.

Author: Sue Pike, 1990
Publisher: copian.ca

MEM-VOL Migrant and Ethnic Minority Volunteering

Compiles research into BME volunteers in the UK. Identifies where this research has highlighted good practice. Brings together organisations, stakeholders, and policy makers.

Author: The Institute for Volunteering Research, 2003
Publisher: British Library

Involving Volunteers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

An information sheet about the many benefits of having a diverse volunteer program, and tips and advice for managers on how to engage and involve volunteers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Author: Volunteering Australia, 2021
Publisher: Volunteering Australia

Barriers to Volunteering

Identifies the barriers encountered by BME people when participating in volunteering (pages 25-26).

Author: K Southby, 2016
Publisher: Leeds Beckett University

Volunteering for Everyone

 A guide for organisations who want to recruit volunteers who have a learning disability.

Author: VE / Mencap, 2006
Publisher: Volunteering England

Supported Programs for Volunteers with Special Needs

Reviews how programs recruit/target volunteers. Refers to physical disability, mental health and learning disability needs, re special arrangements and individual support.

Author: Janet Lautenschlager, 1992
Publisher: Voluntary Action Directorate ISBN0-662-20106-X

Interaction & Etiquette Tips

Several ‘fact sheets’ that outline basic etiquette for working with people with different kinds of disabilities.

Author: UCP Press Room, 2005
Publisher: UCP of Maine

Young People, Volunteering and Civil Service – a review of the literature

A useful summary of a range of research sources, focusing on literature on young people’s attitudes towards and participation in voluntary work and civic service.

Author: Katherine Gaskin, 2004
Publisher: British Library

Volunteering and Youth Development

Study of youth development in Australia, focusing on the crafting of management policies founded on youth development principles.

Author: Aracy, 2015
Publisher: Aracy

Recruiting Youth Volunteers

Asks why a programme needs youth volunteers. Includes benefits and barriers for young people and what an organisation needs to do to attract them.

Author: Wild Apricot, 2021
Publisher: Wild Apricot

Involving Young Volunteers

Outlines problems with engaging with younger volunteers and considers a range of issue including management systems, flexibility, culture etc.

Author: Volunteering Kingston
Publisher: Volunteering Kingston

Benefits and challenges of managing a multigenerational volunteer team

A checklist of key considerations to promote intergenerational volunteering.

Author: Kevin L Smith
Publisher: What are the benefits and challenges of managing a multigenerational volunteer team

Age Discrimination and volunteering

Researches reasons for age discrimination in the UK against volunteers. Gives recommendations for organisations and government to address this.

Author: Institute for Volunteering Research, 2005
Publisher: Institute for Volunteering Research

How to increase inclusion of black and ethnic minorities in greenspace work

Two case studies that focus on ethnic minority groups in greenspace works. The article describes the challenges of ethnic minority inclusion and how to overcome these.

Author: Black Environment Network, 2004
Publisher: MindMeister

Challenging Institutional Racism: A toolkit for the voluntary sector

A toolkit which describes how the voluntary sector can work towards race equality.

Author: London Voluntary Service Council, 2002
Publisher: rota.org.uk

Tips for Highly Effective Volunteer Vetting

Outlines a range of screening processes. Includes references, health checks and driving checks. Outlines police & CRB checking in some detail.

Author: Sterling Volunteers, 2021
Publisher: Sterling Volunteers

If Volunteering Goes Wrong

Discusses the problems experienced in volunteers may not be suitable. Highlights key strategies on how to deal with these situations.

Author: NCVO
Publisher: NCVO

The Last Taboo

Considers the questions of using volunteers on the register of sex offenders. Refers to Home Office guidelines, legal issues & risk assessment.

Author: Adam May, 2004
Publisher: WordPress

Selecting the right people

Discusses appropriate use of selection methods. Considers open days, taster session, application forms, and covers the interview in some depth.

Author: Skills For Care, 2021
Publisher: Skills For Care

Screening prospective volunteers

Highlights the need for screening. Identifies areas of possible concern and outlines steps for the screening process.

Author: The ourcommunity team, 2001
Publisher: ourcommunity.com.au

Screening and the Volunteer Recruitment Process

An information sheet about the importance of the volunteer screening process, with some practical advice and tips for managers and not for profit organisations.

Author: Volunteering Australia, 2021
Publisher: Volunteering Australia

Screening & Police Checking

Highlights uses & limitations of screening and under what circumstances it should be undertaken. Describes role of CRB & how to manage screening process.

Author: Volunteering England, 2004
Publisher: Housing Care

Volunteer Reference Checks

Looks at the importance of checking volunteer references.

Author: Volunteer Marlborough, 2020
Publisher: Volunteer Marlborough

Reference Checks

Advice on key stages of checking volunteer references. Starts with consideration of the volunteer placement and ends with highlighting need to thank the referee.

Author: Volunteer Ireland
Publisher: Volunteering Resource Hub

Volunteers and Disclosure Checks

An information sheet for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations about the purpose of police checks, the reasons why these might be required and the process for conducting these checks.

Author: CRB Direct, 2021
Publisher: CRB Direct

A Guide to Volunteer Interviews and Questions to Ask

Tips on interview questions to help you get below the surface to determine whether this is a good match.

Author: The Conservation Volunteers, 2014
Publisher: The Conservation Volunteers

How To Prepare and Run a Fair Interview

Details how to provide a fair application process to be a volunteer taking into account information that must be asked on the application form, as well as showing how to provide a monitoring and evaluating form.

Author: FairHQ, 2021
Publisher: FairHQ

From – No Surprises: Harmonizing Risk and Reward in Volunteer Management, 2nd ed.

Highlights need for effective screening and why screening can put people off volunteering. Gives guidelines and considers pros and cons of various screening methods.

Author: Charles Tremper & Gwynne Kostin, 2001
Publisher: Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Effective Volunteer Interviewing

Considers the purpose of the volunteer interview and outlines key aspects of preparation. Also covers the opening, main body and conclusion.

Author: Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch, 1995
Publisher: Ellis Archive

All my family wanted to do was help. So why make it so hard?

Politicians believe volunteering is the cornerstone of a civilised society. But, as Martin Newland found, red tape, fear and political correctness can get in the way of good works This article highlights the difficulty in placing volunteers due to volunteer screening.

Author: Martin Newland, 2007
Publisher: The Guardian

4-H Volunteer Staff

 A youth organisation’s policy focusing on volunteer application and selection process. Covers a wide range of techniques. Section B.1.2 cover the role of interviews and background checks.

Author: The University of Maine
Publisher: The University of Maine

Volunteer Screening

 Explains how to effectively screen new volunteers and why this is important.

Author: Charles Tremper and Gwynne Kostin,2001
Publisher: Energize Inc.

What Organisations Look for in a Good Volunteer

Gives examples of positive qualities a volunteer should have

Author: Jeff Durham, 2013
Publisher: Voluntary Worker

Volunteer agreements

A short document providing information on how to write a volunteer agreement, providing useful insight into what information is required and what isn’t.

Author: NCVO, 2021
Publisher: NCVO

Volunteer agreement

A sample volunteer agreement used by Voluntary Action Islington highlighting all the key elements that a volunteer agreement should have.

Author: Voluntary Action Islington, 2010
Publisher: Voluntary Action Islington

Should we have a volunteer agreement?

Highlights purpose of a volunteer agreement and what could be typical content. Considers the need to avoid ‘contractual obligations’ and focus on ‘expectations’.

Author: Russell-Crooke
Publisher: Russell-Crooke

Appeal Tribunal Decisions on Volunteer Contracts

Summary of Tribunal cases focusing on the nature of the relationship between volunteer and organisation. The volunteer can be deemed an employee.

Author: NCVO, 2022
Publisher: NCVO

Volunteering Induction

A guidance document to NHS England boards regarding how to induct new volunteers into hospitals (pages 38-40).

Author: NHS England, 2007
Publisher: NHS England

Inductions and Handbooks for volunteers – A checklist

An excellent guide on how to provide an induction to new volunteers, providing information regarding creation of forms to putting together an induction pack.

Author: Volunteer Now, 2022
Publisher: Volunteer Now

Volunteers: The Orientation Process

Outlines purpose of the volunteer orientation process. Presents issues that need to be included and refers to when to cover them in an induction programme.

Author: The ourcommunity Team, 2001
Publisher: ourcommunity.com.au

Volunteer Inductions

Looks at the importance of having a well thought out volunteer induction

Author: Support Cambridgeshire, 2017
Publisher: Support Cambridgeshire

Induction Process for Volunteers

Outline what information to include in a volunteer induction. Includes an example of an induction checklist.

Author: Youth Scotland
Publisher: Youth Scotland

Training for Volunteers

Looks at different ways of training new volunteers and how much time to give to the training.

Author: NCVO, 2021
Publisher: NCVO

Running a volunteer induction

Outlines benefits of effective volunteer induction. Presents what should be included, how and when these issues could be covered.

Author: NCVO, 2021
Publisher: NCVO

Beginning with Day One

Excerpt that highlights the benefits of a volunteer ‘mentor’ and how the first day of a volunteer placement can be managed effectively.

Author: Sally Gardner Reed, 1994
Publisher: McFarland & Company

A Toolkit for Volunteer Leaders

Presentation of principles of planning an orientation workshop and considerations for implementation.

Author: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Publisher: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Five ways to boost your communication with volunteers

This short article provides five tips and quick wins to improve your volunteer communications

Author: Sarah Myers, 2018
Publisher: CharityComms

8 tips for communication in the workplace that will help your volunteer organization thrive

A range of techniques for communicating with volunteers. Considers benefits & methods of effective communication.

Author: Alice Turnbull, 2022
Publisher: Rostefly.com

[Guide] Communicating with volunteers

A Volunteer Communications Strategy: 13 Steps to driving volunteer recruitment, engagement and leadership.

Author: Volunteerhub, 2023
Publisher: Volunteerhub.com

How to conduct effective volunteer meetings

Discusses principles for running a meeting with volunteers. Refers to a range of potential benefits of meetings, and outlines tips for planning these.

Author: Apakshit Sachdeva, 2017
Publisher: Volunteermatch.org

Inclusive volunteering

Comprehensive guidance for engaging with volunteers with different needs. In part 2, there is a ‘communicating effectively’ checklist at the end of every chapter.
Author: Volunteer Ireland, 2015
Publisher: codeofgoodpractice.com

Volunteer Communication Tips to Build a Stronger Team

An article highlighting the importance of letting volunteers know what the organisation’s needs are, express appreciation for their efforts, and make sure they understand how vital their contributions are.
Author: Mary Gormandy White, 2022
Publisher: Charity.lovetoknow.com

Improve Volunteer Training in 6 Steps

A succinct checklist of tips that focus on: setting training objectives, promoting experiential learning, and using variety in training delivery methods.

Author: Jotform, 2022
Publisher: Jotform

Training Young Volunteers

Practical trainer techniques and activities to make sessions more productive and valuable on page 20. There are also ideas to help enhance the professional volunteer manager’s training level.

Author: Greater London Volunteering, 2014
Publisher: WordPress

Do’s and Don’ts of Ice-Breakers

Highlights where icebreakers in volunteer training can hinder the session’s learning objectives. Raises need for appropriate explanation, focus, and timescale.

Author: Nonprofit, 2014
Publisher: nonprofits.com

Ice-Breakers for Committees, Boards, and Volunteer Meetings

A number of suggested icebreakers that may be useful in volunteer settings, particularly the ‘getting to know you’, and ‘event & meeting planners’ sections.

Author: Vanessa Van Edwards, 2023
Publisher: Science of People

Volunteer Training: A Short Course

Outlines the limitations of traditional training, and suggests that knowledge sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas can act as effective training.

Author: Nancy Macduff, 2008
Publisher: Ellis Archive

Developing Training Programmes for Volunteers

Outlines the key principles of volunteers learning as adult learners. Also has links to relevant models of adult learning.

Author: Jenette Nagy
Publisher: Community Tool Box

Training Needs Analysis

Reviews learning and development needs for staff, volunteers and trustees in an organisation.

Author: NCVO, 2010
Publisher: Scribd

13 Ways of Managing Informal Learning

Defines informal learning and its different forms.

Author: Kineo, 2006
Publisher: Yumpu

Volunteers: a guide to collecting and using data

An excellent guide compiling methods of collecting and storing volunteer data in a safe and secure manner, whilst also meeting legislation regarding data protection.

Author: Institute for Volunteer Research
Publisher: British Library

Volunteer Management Handbook

An article providing information regarding volunteer management. This document would be a good starting block for anyone new in volunteer management.

Author: Stronger Kent Communities
Publisher: Stronger Kent Communities

What to include in a Volunteer Handbook

Outlines what voluntary and community organisations should include in a volunteer handbook.

Author: Tobi Johnson, 2021
Publisher: Tobi Johnson

How To Manage Volunteers Effectively

A page detailing the steps of working effectively with voluteers; providing for their needs and involvement.

Author: Rochelle Gun, 2023
Publisher: Rostefy

Guidance notes for writing a volunteer policy

The article looks at some important information that has to be considered when writing a volunteer policy.

Author: The Volunteer Centre for Midlothian
Publisher: The Volunteer Centre for Midlothian

Volunteer Guide for Angling

An excellent volunteer guide providing information on how to recruit, manage and motivate volunteers.

Author: Angling Development Board
Publisher: Angling Development Board

Delivering the goods: The work and future direction of volunteer management

A study that begins with an examination of the roles of a volunteer manager in a variety of settings and goes on to look at the training needs of volunteer managers. It further delves in to the advantages and disadvantages of professionalising volunteering.

Author: Pat Gay, 2000
Publisher: British Library

Risk Toolkit: How to take care of risk in volunteering, a guide for organisations

A guide and toolkit outlining results of research findings regarding the risks associated with volunteers and proposed solutions.

Author: Katherine Gaskin, 2006
Publisher: Meath Volunteer Centre

The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook

Excellent resource for volunteer managers, through its clear and practical advice,

Author: Rob Jackson, Mike Locke, Dr Eddy Hogg and Rick Lynch, 2019
Publisher: Directory of Social Change

Volunteering Standards & Guidelines

A set of fairly robust volunteer guidelines for a project working with homeless children and adults.

Author: Star of Hope
Publisher: Star of Hope

Turn Your Organisation Into a Volunteering Magnet

Collected writings by VM authors/leaders on research and design of volunteer programmes, recruitment strategies, managing volunteer relations to enhance retention etc.

Author: Andy Fryer, Rob Jackson & Fraser Dyer, 2004
Publisher: Energizeinc

Involving Volunteers: Background and Planning

An information sheet for managers of volunteers and not for profit organisations which offers practical tips and advice on how to successfully involve volunteers in your organisation.

Author: Voluntary Action Leicestershire
Publisher: Voluntary Action Leicestershire

The different models of volunteering

Explains the different models of volunteering based on the Multi Paradigm model of managing volunteers.

Author: DutySheets
Publisher: DutySheet

Promoting a Safer Household Environment – A Volunteer-Based Home Visit Programme

VM in preventing unintentional childhood injuries in the home. Robust guidance due to vulnerable clients. Covers managing difficult volunteers/developing ‘career ladders’.

Author: Hong Kong Medical Journal, 2007
Publisher: Hong Kong Medical Journal

Managing Volunteers: A Good Practice Guide

Thorough coverage of broad principles and policy issues. Deals with operation issues & considers most aspects of VM, from recruitment to an example exit interview form.

Author: Citizen Information Board
Publisher: Citizen Information Board

Get it Right from the start

Booklet designed to help reach potential volunteers, and how to overcome barriers to volunteering. Suggests how to support volunteers and recognise their contribution.

Author: Sheffield Volunteer Centre
Publisher: Sheffield Volunteer Centre

Essential Volunteer Management

Insight into a range of volunteer management processes covered in Lynch & McCurley’s bestselling publication.

Author: Rick Lynch and Steve McCurley, 1998
Publisher: Ellis Archive

A choice blend – what volunteers want from organisation and management

Research that states the key points where a volunteer programme interfaces with volunteers. Outlines need for a blended approach that encourages volunteering.

Author: Katherine Gaskin, 2003
Publisher: British Library

The impact of professional volunteer management on the volunteer experience.

The article reports on an exploratory study examining the take-up of professional volunteer management and its impact on the volunteer experience. The study introduces a method for measuring the level of professional management procedures and analysing where and why measures might have been introduced.

Author: Kirsten Holmes, 2004
Publisher: British Library

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Table explaining the knowledge, skills and abilities required to start and run a volunteering program.

Author: Canadian Administration of Volunteer Resources, 2006
Publisher: Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada

Assessing Voluntary Experiences: A portfolio of skills learned through volunteering

A tool which is designed to help reflection on voluntary experiences. The tool is a self-assessment exercise which can help volunteers identify their transferable skills.

Author: Volunteering England,
Publisher: British Library

A Toolkit for Volunteer Leaders Learning-Teaching Techniques

The toolkit explains different techniques used by volunteer managers to recruit new volunteers and keep them engaged.

Author: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Publisher: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Running Effective Meetings

Description of three key points on how to plan, prepare and execute a meeting.

Author: MindTools
Publisher: MindTools

Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

Lists and explains good practice principles for students in undergraduate education.

Author: Arthur Chickering, 1991
Publisher: Research Gate

Supporting Volunteers

Explains why volunteers need a support system in their workplace and how organisations can implement this. Gives different ways of offering support to volunteers.

Author: Volunteer Scotland
Publisher: Volunteer Scotland

Monitoring and evaluating a volunteer programme

 A thorough explanation of the exercise of volunteer evaluation including purposes and identifying outcomes from the evaluation process. The article also provides information about the Charities Evaluation Service and VIVA (volunteer investment and value audit).

Author: Volunteering England, 2008
Publisher: Southampton Voluntary Services

Evaluating volunteers

An explanation of why an evaluation process must be completed; sending a clear message that you are running a serious program and being efficient with resources.

Author: Shawn Kendrick
Publisher: Volunteerhub.com

Supervising and supporting volunteers

A short article looking at ways to provide support and supervision to volunteers, so that they feel comfortable and happy in their roles.

Author: Voluntary Action Islington, 2018
Publisher: Voluntary Action Islington

How To Deliver Effective Feedback to Volunteers

Summarises methods of providing valuable feedback to the volunteers in your organisation; allowing it to be constructive without provoking a defensive retort from the volunteer.

Author: Sterling Volunteers, 2018
Publisher: Stirling Volunteers

Giving Feedback

Tips on how to effectively give feedback.

Author: MindTools
Publisher: MindTools

Supporting your volunteers

Highlight the importance of motivitating, supporting and supervising volunteers and look at ways in which to do this effectively.

Author: NCVO
Publisher: NCVO

Support and Supervision

Outlines differences between supporting and supervising volunteers and how volunteers’ contribution can be monitored, what questions to ask, and giving developmental feedback.

Author: Volunteer Now, 2022
Publisher: Volunteer Now

Promoting a Safer Household Environment – A Volunteer-Based Home Visit Programme

Robust volunteer appraisals are desired in some cases. Problems this raises are considered, and how appraisals are carried out is outlined. See page 38.

Author: Network for Health & Welfare Studies, 2003
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Model Supervision Guidelines

Underlying principles of effective supervision of volunteers and progress review. Considers both the manager’s and the volunteer’s perspectives.

Author: Wales Council for Voluntary Action, 2021
Publisher: Wales Council for Voluntary Action

Changing Management Practices of VCE Master Gardeners Local Programme Co-ordinators

Page 47 (p11 on pdf doc) shows change in approaches to managing volunteer reviews. Research with VPMs highlights need for additional training in key areas.

Author: Sheri T Dorn, 1999
Publisher: Digital Libraries & Archives

A Choice Blend – What Volunteers Want From Organisation And Management

This report focuses on volunteers’ own views through investigating what makes for a satisfying and enduring volunteering experience, it proposes a model of progressive volunteer involvement with eight pressure points which can influence a person’s likelihood of becoming and staying a volunteer.

Author: Katharine Gaskin, 2003
Publisher: Volunteering England

Qualities of a volunteer coordinator

An instructional guide explaining how staff can best utilize their abilities to manage volunteers in their workplace.

Author: Mary White, 2017
Publisher: Career Trend

Qualities of a great volunteer manager

An article highlighting the do’s and dont’s of leading and managing volunteers effectively. The bottom of the website provides links to other articles that delve into this topic further.

Author: Canal & River Trust, 2020
Publisher: Canal & River Trust

A Charter for strengthening relations between paid staff and volunteers

An agreement developed jointly by the TUC and Volunteering England setting out key principles on which volunteering is organised and how good relations between paid staff and volunteers are built.

Author: TUC, 2009
Publisher: TUC

Best practices in staff and volunteer relations.

A summary highlighting the need for volunteers and paid staff working together. Whilst giving examples of such scenarios where this has been implemented successfully.

Author: Louise Chatterton Luchuk, 2004
Publisher: WordPress

Why is it Labor Unions vs Volunteers?

An article discussing the labor union resistance to volunteer involvement. The article looks at volunteer involvement favourably, whilst highlight the significance of labor unions in the past.

Author: Energize Inc, 1997
Publisher: Susan J. Ellis


Discusses key issues of the use of volunteers in the delivery of services, prevention of replacement of contracted employees and employment issues that can arise when using volunteers.

Author: Unison, 2016
Publisher: Unison

The impact of professional volunteer management on the volunteer experience.

The article reports on an exploratory study examining the take-up of professional volunteer management and its impact on the volunteer experience. The study introduces a method for measuring the level of professional management procedures and analysing where and why measures might have been introduced.

Author: Kirsten Holmes, 2004
Publisher: British Library

Why is it Labour Unions vs Volunteers?

 Considers the issues of volunteers taking on jobs or tasks, and how to avoid pitfalls and resistance from unions. Also links to others’ responses on this topic.

Author: Susan J Ellis, 1997
Publisher: Energise, Inc

Effective Relationships between Volunteers and Paid Staff

A group or organisation that engages volunteers should be able to resource their activity. This section helps groups and organisations to think about the potential role of a co-ordinator and what resources you might require and what impact involving volunteers will have on volunteers and other staff.

Author: Merrill Associates, 2008
Publisher: Charity Village

Promoting Positive Volunteer and Staff Relations

Tips to promote effective relationships between volunteers & paid staff. Includes training, monitoring consultation, communication & how to intervene.

Author: Volunteer Centre Western Isles
Publisher: Volunteer Centre Western Isles

Satisfy Staff First

Looks at they key problems caused in a volunteer programme if paid staff do not understand their own roles in the first place.

Author: Ivan H. Scheier, 1993
Publisher: Energise, Inc

Good Practice Workbook – Volunteers and The Wider Organisation

Illustrated workbook including reflective exercises and case studies, making them suitable for continuous professional development.

Author: Volunteer Now, 2018
Publisher: Volunteer Now

Developing Good Staff-Volunteer Relations

Outlines key steps to developing positive staff-volunteer relationships, and discusses principles of obtaining staff support to the volunteer programme.

Author: Betsy McFarland, 2004
Publisher: WordPress

Best Practice in Staff and Volunteer Relations

Stresses importance of top management commitment and VM & HR Managers working together with unions. Considers issues re volunteers becoming paid staff. Note: the article is from a Canadian source.

Author: Louise Chatterton Luchuk, 2004
Publisher: WordPress

Human Resources Q&A: Reducing conflict between staff and volunteers

The article explains different components of a volunteering program which is similar to one you would have for paid staff.

Author: Kathline Holmes, 2012
Publisher: Charity Village

Valuing Volunteer Management Skills

Chapter 3 (pg 19-25) gives a fundamental overview of managing volunteers in the voluntary sector. The chapter discusses the career routes of said individuals; exploring good practice, retention and capacity.

Author: Georgina Brewis, Matthew Hill and Daniel Stevens, 2010
Publisher: Academia

Volunteer Recognition: Success Stories

Ideas submitted by readers of the ‘Energise, Inc’ website.

Author: Various, 2005
Publisher: Energise, Inc

Volunteer Recognition Ideas Forum

Many ‘real-life’ ideas for recognising volunteers, submitted by volunteer programme managers.

Author: Various, 2005
Publisher: The Thanks Company

Volunteer Retention

This briefing takes a look at how to retain the support of volunteers in the cultural sector and ways to strengthen your relationship with them.

Author: GiveGab, 2022
Publisher: GiveGab

Recognising and Valuing Volunteers

Volunteer Scotlands’s guidance sheet summarising creative ways of recognising volunteers’ contribution. Includes volunteer awards, involving volunteers, & ways of saying ‘thank you’.

Author: Volunteer Scotland, 2022
Publisher: Volunteer Scotland

Valuing Our Volunteers

Worksheet with ideas to ensure that volunteers remain a positive advertisement for the work of the organisation, with a particular focus of ways of thanking volunteers.

Author: ourcommunity, 2001
Publisher: ourcommunity

Retaining Volunteers

 Steps you can take to make volunteering with your organisation a valuable enough experience to stick around.

Author: Volunteer Hub
Publisher: Volunteer Hub

The Ultimate Volunteer Appreciation Guide

Identifies the different types of volunteer recognition and discusses informal and formal forms. Highlights important things to consider.

Author: Tatiana Morand, 2020
Publisher: Wild Apricot

Recognition Tips

This article lists 10 tips to help your organization recognize the work of your volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Matter, 2017
Publisher: Volunteering Matters

Recognising Volunteers

An information sheet for managers of volunteers and not for profit organisations about the importance of recognition and the many ways in which you can appropriately recognise your volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Resource Hub
Publisher: Volunteering Resource Hub

Recognising Volunteers

Guidance sheet that gives tips on volunteer recognition and lists some ways that organisations may give recognition to their volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Australia, 2005
Publisher: Volunteering Australia

Motivating Volunteers

Article that highlights a variety of ways to motivate volunteers. Includes training, task design and recognition methods.

Author: Sue Froggatt, 2005
Publisher: Sue Froggatt

Motivate Volunteers

Discusses range of initiatives to motivate volunteers. Key issues covered are documenting interaction and providing feedback.

Author: Volunteer Hub
Publisher: Volunteer Hub

Volunteer Policy Manual

Another policy relating to an advice centre. Also manages the problems of volunteers not wanting to take a complaint to the immediate supervisor.

Author: THCAN, 2013
Publisher: Tower Hamlets Community Advice Network

Volunteer Problem Solving Procedure

Outlines principles of managing conflict and how to manage a grievance effectively. Discusses key stage of a volunteer grievance interview.

Author: Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Trust, 2019
Publisher: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust

How to Deal with High Maintenance Volunteers

Highlights the sort of ‘difficult-to-manage’ volunteers that can be encountered, and considers ways to manage these as opposed to getting rid of them.

Author: Prahalathan KK, 2015
Publisher: volunteers.org

Yes, You Can Actually Learn How To Let a Volunteer Go

Short guide that outlines principles involved in ‘releasing’ a volunteer. Various stages are cited, including exploring options of corrective action and subsequent monitoring.

Author: Tobi Johnson, 2017
Publisher: VolunteerPro

Discipling a Volunteer and Dealing with Poor Behaviour

Discusses difficulties with disciplining volunteers and lists types of unwanted behaviour. Outlines stages of disciplinary process, & useful preventative measures.

Author: Isabella Turner, 2022
Publisher: TeamKinetic

Firing high maintenance volunteers

Guidance on developing a system for dealing with difficult volunteers via exit strategies. Outlines steps in the investigation, the meeting and the follow up.

Author: Thomas W McKee, 2005
Publisher: Community Sector Council

Managing Volunteer Exits

Summary sheet that highlights the importance of exhausting other options before letting people go. Also stresses need to follow formal procedures.

Author: Wales Council for Voluntary Action, 2005
Publisher: Wales Council for Voluntary Action

Volunteer Evaluation and Exit

Considers whether situations with volunteers have realistically come to an end, or whether other options are available. Highlights what to do if ‘exiting’.

Author: Literacy Basics
Publisher: Literacy Basics

Five Strategies to Shut Down Volunteer Conflict

Five-step process for managing difficult volunteers. The advice covers both practical issues and underlying principles. Differentiates toxic volunteers from and everyday conflict situation.

Author: Marla Benson, 2016
Publisher: Engage Journal

A few pointers on the unpleasant topic of firing volunteers

Advice on what volunteer actions may lead to a disciplinary situation, the procedures that should be in place, and what steps should be taken.

Author: Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D., 2005
Publisher: Pacifica Network

Handling Problem Volunteers

Describes how to detect problem volunteers. It also defines the different types of problem volunteers and how to handle them.

Author: Steve McCurley & Sue Vineyard, 2003
Publisher: Ellis Archive