Strategy and Organisational Leadership

These are 1-day sessions are focused around effectively leading your organisation and creating sound strategies for development.

Strategy and Organisational Leadership

Strategic Planning

This is a practical session in which we will consider how spending time on strategy be made valuable and useful for a voluntary organisation.  In this session, a method to help an organisation develop a strategy will be explained, and practical tools that can promote discussions as well as assist in reaching agreements will be introduced.

Drawing up a Business Plan

Voluntary organisations need to deal with a number of important issues in business planning, some of which this session will address.  Ways in which to put together a business plan that is useful, focused, practical, and flexible will be explained.  Keeping the plan relevant and using it to obtain the support of funders is important, and how to do so will be outlined.

Leadership Training

Developing skills in leadership, team work, choosing and action planning projects and the ability to allocate individual roles and responsibilities.

Trustee Duties

The role of trustees will be looked into in this session as well as various ways to establish an effective board of trustees.

Influencing Decision Makers

Influencing decision makers is essential for an organisation in today’s world.  This session will outline important factors in influencing decision makers, such as how they can be persuaded, what they want that you offer, and how they can be reached.

Partnership and Collaborative Working

Partnership and collaborative working holds great potential for organisations in terms of service delivery, outsourcing and fundraising.  This session will convey how developing strategic partnerships and working with others can be financially useful for an organisation.

Improving the Contribution of your Board

This session will go over the main aspects of good governance and will explore how you can get the best out of trustees in order to put an effective board together.  The session will also outline a best practice framework that trustee boards can use to evaluate their practices and improve their performance.

Charities and Leadership

This session will explain how the leadership, management, and governance of non-profit organisations have developed over time, and will also outline to possible future developments in charities and leadership.


£750 per session