People Management

These 1-day sessions will help you get the best from your team, collaborate effectively and deal with any problems that may arise.

People Management

Communicate to Influence

This session will focus on how to communicate with others in a clear and effective manner.  It will include potential obstacles to active listening, options to overcome these obstacles, factors lying behind other people’s choices, and ways in which you could achieve a win-win situation when you work with others.

Communication Skills

Learning how to initiate conversation, communicate to a wide range of people, in a group and through different mediums.

Getting the Best out of your People

This session will be based around the value of the people of an organisation and will consider how to get the best out of them, which would allow you to get the best out of your organisation.

How to Break Bad News

Voluntary organisations always have to deal with bad news, and this session will prove useful in finding out how to communicate negative information with others but still allow them to be positive and optimistic.

Team building

To enable volunteers to identify within a team their roles and responsibilities and develop their communication within that team.

Maintaining Staff Engagement during Change

In times of change, staff can become anxious and worried, and keeping them positive is an important part of management.  This session will look at how to ensure the organisation’s staff are engaged and motivated during change.

Support & Supervising Staff

In managing an organisation, it is essential to ensure staff are supported and supervised, to make them feel secure in their working environment.  This session will be based on how to improve your management skills and make your staff want to work for you.

Mentoring Training

Developing the role of the mentor and how to establish boundaries. Also exploring ways to develop active listening, communication and issues around confidentiality.

Interviewing Tips and Techniques

This session will discuss how to create an ideal interview.  A wide range of tips and techniques on how to research, plan, prepare, practice, deliver, and answer questions will be covered, so that you can ensure that your interviews are fit for purpose.

Managing Redundancies

The economic downturn has made redundancy an inevitable option for many organisations, and this session will explain how it can be managed.  How redundancy is defined, how to carry out a fair process to steer clear of unfair dismissal claims, considering selection criteria, and various tips to minimise legal risk will be looked at so that you can develop a practical approach to redundancy.

Managing Volunteers

Organisations need to be able to manage their volunteers.  Whether an organisation has a few volunteers or many, they require the same type of management, and this session is useful in finding out how to effectively manage them and deal with certain difficult situations that can often arise.

Recruiting Trustees

In this session, strategies for attracting, recruiting and training a balanced and productive board will be looked into.  This will help your organisation build a successful, diverse and skilled board that reflects good governance.

Retaining Volunteers

After recruiting volunteers, it is important for organisations to retain them.  This session will explore various reasons behind volunteering, what volunteers expect from organisations and how to retain volunteers without incurring many costs.

Training Volunteers

Volunteers always need to be trained by their organisation in order to help them develop and improve their volunteering to successfully reflect the organisation’s aims. This session will explain how important volunteer training is for an organisation, and will outline the different ways that training can be done.


£750 per session