Marketing and Public Relations

These sessions will help you promote your group effectively, get the most from your publications and present with impact.

Marketing and Public Relations

Using Organisational Literature

Organisational literature can be used in various ways to benefit the organisation and the way in which you write affects how you communicate and reach your organisation’s aims.  This session will include suggestions on how to improve literature, either in print or online, through design, structure and enthusiasm.  Literature such as newsletters, magazines, e-news, and annual reports will be covered.

Presenting with Impact

Presentations are always important in any kind of organisation, and this session will show you how to clearly convey the message, structure and content of a presentation, as well as how to make it unique and unusual in order to present with impact.

Promotion and Marketing using Local Media

Organisations regularly work with local media, which can often be difficult, and this session will help organisations develop their relationship with the media.  Methods that can be used to write an effective and appealing press release will be outlined, which will help you give the press what they actually want and get your organisation’s story publicised.  The session will also explain how to use various types of media, such as broadcast, print and new media to raise the profile of your organisation.


£750 per session