These sessions will help you manage your projects, identify and plan for risks and manage your time and workload.


Project Management

Organisations often have the task of designing, planning and managing projects.  In this session, a suitable approach to project management will be outlined, together with techniques for managing projects and how to manage project funding.

Project Development

Learning how to select aims/objective and outcomes, identify needed resources and learn how to action plan, etc.

Training for Trainers

Developing volunteer’s ability on how to pass on their knowledge to new volunteers.

Managing Risk

Organisations constantly face executive and operational risks, not all of which are insurable.  This session will look into these risks and consider how the needs of the third sector are being adapted to by the insurance market.

Managing Time and Workload

The regular conflict between time and workload is inescapable in any organisation, and the solution to this is to change your approach to your workload to make it more manageable.  This session will suggest a variety of tips and techniques that can help you manage your workload which, overall, will benefit your organisation.


£750 per session