Personal Coaching in Fundraising and Income Generation

Personal Coaching in Fundraising and Income Generation by an Institute of Fundraising (IoF) qualified consultant

Programme information

Who it is for

  • Chief Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Project managers
  • Anyone else with a responsibility for fundraising or income generation within the organisation

Programme aims

To develop:

  • A sustainable approach to funding that is specific to the organisation.
  • The individual’s knowledge, skills and confidence in fundraising and income generation


  • Exploring the organisation’s work and clarifying the remit of the personal coaching service.
  • Clarifying case(s) for support of specific project.
  • Clarifying details of case for support (activities, outputs and outcomes).
  • Researching potential sources of funding. E.g. individual donors, corporates, statutory, trusts, local organisations (Rotary, Masons etc.), earned income. 
  • Report of next steps with: (a) Advice on different funding sources. b) Practical action points on how to make approaches.
  • Review of work done on approaches to funders with feedback and coaching.
  • Developing & implementing a fundraising and income generation skills personal action plan.

Delivery and duration

2 days support on a specific project requiring sustainable funding sources;

3 on-going coaching sessions over a 3-month period to develop personal fundraising capacity.

What is included

  • Access to an IoF-qualified consultant.
  • Initial telephone contact and email support.
  • Face-to-face visit in candidate’s workplace.
  • Guidance and support on a specific fundraising project.
  • On-going telephone and email support to develop personal fundraising and income generation capacity.



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