Fundraising Consultancy

Tailored support on a range of topics, provided by experienced and qualified fundraisers.

Fundraising Consultancy

Fundraising Consultancy [1 day face to face visit, plus 1 day follow-up report and support]

For Chairs/CEOs/Fundraising Leads.

1.  Creation of bespoke fundraising strategies and plans

Cost: £900         

Face to face session covers:

This includes a strategy and operational plan prepared on one of the following:

  • Trusts fundraising
  • Legacy marketing
  • In memoriam and tribute giving
  • Direct marketing and digital fundraising
  • Major donor fundraising
  • Recruiting and managing senior fundraising volunteers
  • Charity retail
  • Community fundraising
  • Events fundraising

Follow up report and support develops strategy into an implementation plan

2.  Telling the story of your organisation to funders

Cost: £900         

Face to face session covers:

  • Detailed analysis of the charity’s case for support
  • Development of key elements that influence funders
  • Insights into creating and demonstrating relevant impact

Follow-up report detailing key messages to present to funders about the difference your charity makes.

3. Understanding funders

For organisations with a clear understanding of their fundraising message.

Cost: £900         

Face to face session covers:

  • In depth sessions on five funding sources and seven donor motivations
  • Mapping analysis of current funding patterns to identify potential new income streams
  • Repositioning your case for support to appeal to different funder types

Follow-up report and support details current matches and gaps in funding sources, and what to do to fill the gaps.

4. Fundraising Skills audit

For Boards/Senior management teams/ Fundraising teams

Cost: £900         

Face to face session covers:

  • Introduction to National Occupational Standards for Fundraising
  • Mapping exercise to identify skills clusters and gaps
  • Development session to prioritise skills improvement requirements

Follow-up report and support details development needs and options appraisal on how to meet them.

5. Income diversification review

For CEOs/senior managers responsible for fundraising and income generation

Price: £900         

Face to face session covers:

  • An initial review of how current income is structure
  • Exploration of how the work of their charity could be funded and sustained in the future (referring to established models/current innovations)
  • Developing a plan on how to diversify fundraising/income generation sources.

Follow-up report and support works on the implementation of the plan.

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