Developing volunteering projects

This is available as an ‘in-house’ training option, suitable for all those involved in leading on volunteering projects, including line managers, supervisors and team leaders who wish to develop good practice.

Course information

The Developing Volunteering Projects programme provides the opportunity for structured reflection for those who are responsible for leading on their volunteering project, where delegates can consider their own situation and explore how others have sought to address similar issues.

Developing Volunteering Projects consists of a series of action learning workshops that allow delegates to consider a range of key issues and each workshop is tailored to the volunteering environment. Topics covered include:

  • Project development
  • Change management
  • Developing working relationships with partners
  • Aligning volunteer contribution (Includes recruitment, diversity, support, recognition and retention)
  • Sustainability and exit strategies

For whom it is suitable

All those involved in leading on the funded volunteering project, including line managers, supervisors and
team leaders, who wish to develop good practice.

Delivery methods

Action-learning discussions led by approved Attend Academy tutors, with supporting groups and
individual exercises, with reference to best practice as appropriate.


£95 per learner per workshop

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